Chèvre Goat

Shabby Chic, country style logo design featuring a stylized goat. The goat is designed within a square shape that’s framed with natural organic leafy vine elements, created in a whimsical …


Bogota Botanical

Bright, vibrant and colorful tropical flamingo logo design. A collage of plants and flowers are designed to create a circular design representing a botanical garden with a variety of different …


Royal Raccoon

Regal royal logo design of a stylized line drawn raccoon head and crown logo design. The design is created is clean and modern style using simple lines that create the …


Addison’s Soap

Rustic and natural design created with elegant stylized leaves that create this natural and organic design. The company initials are placed on either side of the design to add a …

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Jasmine Soaps

Natural wreath logo design that combines organic leaves, flowers, florals and a spoon to create this circular crest style logo design. The leaf, flowers and florals represent the natural ingredients …


Earth Grown

Natural whimsical growing tree with stylized leaves and buds growing from the tree. The tree is designed within a decorative circular boarder with ornate and swirling design elements framing the …


Lion Link

Unique and elegant Lion face logo design. The lion’s face is elegantly rendered with swirling lines that create this dynamic, stylized and distinctive lion logo design. (beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, classy, …


Cotton Ball Sheep

Unique and modern leaping sheep with the sheep’s fluffy body designed with an array of colorful circles and swirls representing candy, confection and various sweets and treats. (sheep, goat, watercolour, …

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Vintage Cactus

Elegant, flourish and ornate cactus logo. The image of the cactus is created with ornate and decorative shapes that create the impression of a cactus plant. (pattern, damask, floral, seamless, …

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