Addison's Soap Logo Sold

Rustic and natural design created with elegant stylized leaves that create this natural and organic design. The company initials are placed on either side of the design to add a personalized touch to the graphic logo and to unify the logo with the company name. (tree, peaceful, stylized, decoration, grow, petal, curl, seasonal, unique, deco, perennial, season, illustration, twig, outdoors, ornate, silhouette, branch, leaves, shrubbery, ornament, organic, curve, ecology, whimsical, quirky, creative, decorate, bush, spiral, plant, flourish, nature, environment, pattern, crest, soap, botanic, botanical, fresh, handmade, sophisticated, luxury, elegant, elegance, magical, frame, border, bloom, blossom, pastel, artisan, artistic, holistic, fruit tree, stylized, modern, perfume, beauty, spa, purity, freshness, fragrance, spoon, wreath, crafted, delicate, monogram, initials, letters, berries)

Created: 08/22/2016