Countryside Goat Farm Handmade Soap Logo For Sale

Shabby Chic, country style logo design featuring a stylized goat. The goat is designed within a square shape that’s framed with natural organic leafy vine elements, created in a whimsical style. The square design represents a bar of soap with an embossed design impression on the soap bar. (stylized, decoration, grow, petal, curl, seasonal, unique, deco, perennial, season, illustration, twig, outdoors, ornate, silhouette, branch, leaves, shrubbery, ornament, organic, curve, ecology, whimsical, quirky, creative, decorate, bush, spiral, plant, flourish, nature, environment, pattern, crest, soap, botanic, botanical, fresh, handmade, sophisticated, luxury, elegant, elegance, frame, border, bloom, blossom, pastel, artisan, artistic, holistic, fruit tree, stylized, modern, perfume, beauty, spa, purity, freshness, fragrance, wreath, crafted, delicate, goat, animal, cattle, countryside, domestic, etching, horned, farm, livestock, graze, vintage, pretty, feminine, pastel, leaf, leaves, garden, oasis, mammal, country, farmer’s market)

Created: 01/13/2017