Natural Organic Soap Company Logo For Sale

Natural wreath logo design that combines organic leaves, flowers, florals and a spoon to create this circular crest style logo design. The leaf, flowers and florals represent the natural ingredients in handmade soap with the spoon representing mixing and combining all of the ingredients together to create natural organic handcrafted soap blends. (peaceful, stylized, decoration, grow, petal, curl, seasonal, unique, deco, perennial, season, illustration, twig, outdoors, ornate, silhouette, branch, leaves, shrubbery, ornament, organic, curve, ecology, whimsical, quirky, creative, decorate, bush, spiral, plant, flourish, nature, environment, pattern, crest, soap, botanic, botanical, fresh, handmade, sophisticated, luxury, elegant, elegance, magical, frame, border, bloom, blossom, pastel, artisan, artistic, holistic, fruit tree, stylized, modern, perfume, beauty, spa, purity, freshness, fragrance, spoon, wreath, crafted, delicate)

Created: 08/22/2016