Natural Organic Tree Soap Logo For Sale

Natural whimsical growing tree with stylized leaves and buds growing from the tree. The tree is designed within a decorative circular boarder with ornate and swirling design elements framing the company name to create a unified and compact design. (tree, trunk, peaceful, stylized, decoration, grow, petal, curl, seasonal, unique, deco, perennial, season, illustration, shrub, forest, twig, outdoors, ornate, silhouette, branch, woodland, leaves, shrubbery, ornament, organic, curve, ecology, whimsical, woods, quirky, creative, decorate, bush, spiral, plant, flourish, nature, environment, pattern, crest, soap, botanic, botanical, fresh, handmade, sophisticated, luxury, elegant, elegance, magical, frame, border, bloom, blossom, pastel, artisan, artistic, holistic, fruit tree, stylized, modern, perfume, beauty, spa, purity, freshness, fragrance)

Created: 08/22/2016