Cotton Ball Sheep Logo Sold

Unique and modern leaping sheep with the sheep’s fluffy body designed with an array of colorful circles and swirls representing candy, confection and various sweets and treats. (sheep, goat, watercolour, flowers, flower, lamb, design, floral, children, soft, pattern, decoration, curl, illustration, vintage, little, splash, blossom, modern, pink, bouquet, flourish, nature, sleep, daydream, cotton ball, ball, animal, character, mascot, pastel, soft, bundle, sweet, cake, round, dot, icing, food, sugar, cupcake, decoration, dessert, tiny, celebration, confection, multicolored, candy, sphere, decorative, bake, colorful, confectionery, birthday, fancy, detail, cake making, topping, confectionary, condiment, sprinkle, treat, decorate, ingredient, youthful, baby, infant, kid, candy store, shop)

Created: 03/31/2016