Flamingo Botanical Garden Logo For Sale

Bright, vibrant and colorful tropical flamingo logo design. A collage of plants and flowers are designed to create a circular design representing a botanical garden with a variety of different exotic plants and flowers growing. Contained in the middle of the garden collage is a subtle white silhouette of a flamingo. (botanical, floral, decoration, stylish, style, garden, beautiful, plant, textile, blooming, backdrop, bloom, summer, bird, creative, animals, flourish, exotic, silhouette, illustration, whimsical, season, color, botany, wallpaper, leaves, pattern, nature, flower, flamingo, tropical, colorful, vibrant, Hawaiian, Hawaii, multicoloured, blossom, florist, rainforest, oasis, tropic, beauty, bouquet, trendy, feather, wing, bloom, perfume, fragrance)

Created: 01/12/2017