eWhiz Genius

Simple and bold logo design featuring a face with the eyes, nose, eyebrows and moustache defined with simple elements and shapes. The letter e contained within the eye of the …

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Lion Turf Lawn Care

Bold and strong logo design featuring a lion’s face with the lion’s mane designed to look like blades of green growing grass. Standout from other lawn care service providers with …

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Young Elbert Einstein

Fun, nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein. The Albert Einstein character is designed within a circle crest with a light bulb placed over Einstein’s head and with various other …


Snap Bot Photos

Fun camera robot character logo design featuring this upbeat robotic robot with the body designed to look like a photo camera and the camera lens representing the eye of the …



Fun nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein in the shape of a light bulb to represent ideas and smart inventions. (einstein, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, glasses, white hair, character, …

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Genius Nerd

Cool nerd character with the nerd’s eye glasses designed to look like a DNA double helix to represent genetics, science and intelligence.(teacher, physicist, glasses, black, character, intelligent, theory, idea, educative, …



Simple raccoon logo design that uses line geometrical shapes to create the impression of a raccoon face. (face, racoon, raccoon, cute, mammal, fur, funny, design, zoo, wild, cartoon, woodland, wildlife, …


Cedar Care Vet

Unique veterinarian logo design featuring a curving stream or river that flows to create the impression of three animals, a dog, cat and a rabbit are hidden within the white …


Elite Pets

Cute illustrative happy and friendly husky dog with a heart symboled collar. A leaf crest design frames the dog’s head to create an elite emblem design. (pet, care, veterinarian, symbol, …