Einstein Smart Ideas Logo Sold

Fun nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein in the shape of a light bulb to represent ideas and smart inventions. (einstein, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, glasses, white hair, character, old, intelligent, theory, idea, educative, learning, cute, old man, beard, illustration, funny, research, physics, solution, scientist, science, friendly, education, man, cartoon, discovery, geek, geeky, knowledge, smart, theoretical, eyes, relativity, tutor, study, spectacles, eyesight, see, moustache, smile, mascot, philosophy, research, scientific, genius, genious, learn, learning, lightbulb, formulas, equations, math, mathematics, mathematician, professor, light, theory, solutions, learning, think, thinking, bright, electricity, bulb, happy, nerd, nerdy, concept, unique, distinctive, modern, bold, mascot)

Created: 04/12/2016