Cedar Creek Animal Care Logo For Sale

Unique veterinarian logo design featuring a curving stream or river that flows to create the impression of three animals, a dog, cat and a rabbit are hidden within the white space of the flowing creek. natural pine trees are added along the river to create a natural scenic setting. (pet, care, veterinarian, rabbit, mammal, pedigree, graphic, vet, friend, friendly, friendship, domestic, silhouette, canine, nature, dog, animal, veterinary, official, emblem, frame, champion, pets, circular, foliate, adopt, adoption, kennel, pet care, pet sitter, pet services, husky, Siberian, alaskan, malamute, german shepherd, breed, breeder, caring, portrait, head, canine, pets, puppy, pup, wolf, pine, cedar, river, creek, stream, water, pathway, forest, park, parkland, wilderness, outdoors, scenic, scenery, trail, green, habitat, valleys hills, landscape, county, aspen, bush, tree, trees, mountain, rural, pond, hill, water, wildlife)

Created: 03/21/2016