Fruity Happy Apps

Fun mobile smartphone app logo design. The apps are designed to look like happy fruity apps, displayed on a mobile device. (apps, fresh, happy, fruit, apple, orange, banana, grape, pear, …


Dog Spot

Black and white dog wearing a bow tie. (black, bowtie, dog, puppy, hound dog, pup, grooming, vet, dog products, mammal, friendly, animal, care, shading, gentlemen, trendy, draper, veterinarian, veterinary, canine, …

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Moo-vember Cow

Cute and funny design of a cow character with a moustache. (cow, head, milk, farm, livestock, cartoon, calf, charming, agriculture, mammal, character, black, cute, illustration, funny, dairy, standing, cattle, adorable, …


Raccoon Nerd Learning

Cute rendering of a racoon curled up and siting on a book. (racoon, animal, wild, cute, baby, reading, education, books, knowledge, school, tutoring, smart, nerd, leaves, furry, friendly, adorable, kids, …

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Little Lion

Cute adorable baby lion with a heart placed in the centre of the baby lion. A leave wreath design completes this beautiful child theme logo. The head of the lion …