Elite Dog Pets Care Logo For Sale

Cute illustrative happy and friendly husky dog with a heart symboled collar. A leaf crest design frames the dog’s head to create an elite emblem design. (pet, care, veterinarian, symbol, rabbit, cartoon, mammal, pedigree, graphic, drawing, vet, cute, illustration, friend, friendly, friendship, happy, domestic, silhouette, canine, nature, mascot, dog, animal, veterinary, wreath, award, official, emblem, frame, branch, decorative, leaf, leafy, champion, achievement, pets, ornate, circular, foliate, heart, love, adopt, adoption, kennel, pet care, pet sitter, pet services, husky, Siberian, alaskan, malamute, german shepherd, breed, breeder, caring, portrait, head, canine, collar, tag, adorable, smile, pets, smiling, puppy, pup, wolf)

Created: 03/21/2016