Maple Valley Raccoon

Unique raccoon face creatively combined with a Canadian maple leaf to create the impression of a cute raccoon’s face. (racoon, raccoon, face, style, minimal, head, coon, portrait, trend, modern, creative, …


Raccoony Media

Fun and expressive raccoon character wearing a royal crown. The raccoon is designed in a clean and simple style with overlapping color sections around the raccoon’s face that create the …


Ingenious Nerd

Fun nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein. (einstein, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, glasses, white hair, character, old, intelligent, theory, idea, educative, learning, cute, old man, beard, illustration, funny, research, …

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Dino World

Fun and imaginative logo design of a cute and friendly dinosaur with a young child sitting on the dinosaur’s back with the child’s hands reaching upward to signify joy and …


Growing Families

Family and home logo design concept featuring four family members with two parents and two children. The parent figure’s arms are joined together with a house created between them within …

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Lady Fair

Beautiful, delicate logo design of a woman’s silhouette figure. Her arms and body formation are stylistically designed and positioned in a spiritual and uplifting manner. The extension of the woman’s …

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Green Spaces

This logo design utilizes the white space between the stylized trees to create the subtle impression of houses/homes. (home, green, leaf, housing, natural, biology, architecture, plant, real, house, friendly, residence, …


The Fancy Bug

Cute and sweet design of a stylish lady bug. (ladybug, spring, charms, childish, simple, cute, insect, friendly, nature, bug, fancy, polkadots, dots, animal) Created: 03/20/2012


Animal Hospital

our cute a cats/dogs are positioned in a circular shape. The shapes of the animals ears and the position create a medical cross within the white space of the design. …