Smart Genius Einstein Logo For Sale

Fun, nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein. The Albert Einstein character is designed within a circle crest with a light bulb placed over Einstein’s head and with various other educational icons to represent learning and education. (einstein, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, glasses, white hair, character, old, intelligent, theory, idea, educative, learning, cute, old man, beard, illustration, funny, research, physics, solution, scientist, science, friendly, education, man, cartoon, discovery, geek, geeky, knowledge, smart, theoretical, eyes, relativity, tutor, study, spectacles, eyesight, see, moustache, smile, mascot, philosophy, research, scientific, genius, genious, learn, learning, lightbulb, formulas, equations, math, mathematics, mathematician, professor, light, theory, solutions, learning, think, thinking, bright, electricity, bulb, happy, nerd, nerdy, concept, unique, distinctive, modern, bold, mascot, bowtie, daycare, tutor, tutoring, engaged, crest, badge, teacher, wisdom)

Created: 09/08/2016