Brain Wired

Modern, bold and colourful brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain designed with a wirelike line that interweaves to create the brain image design. The brain design is divided …


Solutions Constructions

Unique construction logo design of a lightbulb that’s designed to look the frameworks and building structure of a home or house. (print, remodel, home, mansion, builder, blueprint, modern, sketch, Realestate, …

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Nerd Live TV

Bold and modern design featuring a TV with an antenna that’s designed to look like a TV nerd character. A pair of nerdy eyeglasses are added to the TV screen …

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World Books

Book, global world and lightbulb logo design combined together. The world is emerging from the center of the opened paged book with the book spine creating the impression of the …

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Turtle Shell Technology

Innovative and unique technology turtle logo design. The entire turtle is designed with circuitboard lines that interconnect and seamlessly flow together to create the formation of this distinctive tortoise logo. …


Cactus Technologies

Digital data cactus logo design with the cactus created with overlapping connecting lines representing the flow of information and data over a technology network. The circles represent the cactus needles, …

Logo Sold


Tranquil yet strong logo design that emits authority and trust. Bright rays of Blue, Green and Gold light surround a light bulb shape that is seen within the white space …


Octopus Media

Fun stylized octopus design. (octopus, abstract, animal, aqua, design, fish, swim, tentacles, cuttlefish, dots, creature, marine, ocean, oceanic, underwater, nature, sea, seafood, squid, swimming, wild, creative, bright, bulb, concept, electric, …


Tectonic Technologies

Simple, strong and modern design icon abstractly representing data connection and networking. (Data, network, abstract, electricity, circuit, code, chip, pattern, engineering, line, cyberspace, internet, processor, binary, graphic, dots, technology, development, …