Nerd Live TV Logo Sold

Bold and modern design featuring a TV with an antenna that’s designed to look like a TV nerd character. A pair of nerdy eyeglasses are added to the TV screen with digital pixels extending from the television. Bright colorful strips are incorporated into the screen to add a bright and bold look to the logo design. (tv, icon, screen, channel, channels, show, broadcasting, broadcast, view, media, watch, signal, electric, display, dialog, movie, television, video, tuner, tube, technology, box, electrical, entertainment, retro, design, switcher, electronic, set, vintage, advertising, chat, message, cartoon, news, communication, antenna, nerd, nerdy, geek, dork, watching, eyes, see, sight, pixels, media, stripes, character, glasses, eyeglasses, look, looking, smart tv, HDTV, network, tele, eyewear, sharing, technology, computer, bold, black, data, transfer, live, playback, play, movie, viewing)

Created: 12/17/2015