Wired Brain Quadrant Technology Brian Logo For Sale

Modern, bold and colourful brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain designed with a wirelike line that interweaves to create the brain image design. The brain design is divided into four quadrants to represent the different areas of the brain that are all wired together to create the entire brain image. (brain, artificial, intelligence, brainstorm, brainstorming, bright, colourful, bold, multicolored, concept, modern, clean, concept, conceptual, connect, network, connected, connection, creative, creativity, electrical, genius, thought, human, idea, imagination, intellect, internet, media, mind, nuclear, tech, technology, think, wire, wireframe, wired, circuits, cable, quad, quadrants, maze, pathway, labyrinth, puzzle, frame, system, integrated, visual, solution, space, structure, communication, cyber, data, infrastructure, smart)

Created: 04/04/2018