Senlight Logo For Sale

Tranquil yet strong logo design that emits authority and trust. Bright rays of Blue, Green and Gold light surround a light bulb shape that is seen within the white space of the logo design. The bottom portion of the light bulb is positioned about the “i” in the word “Light” to finish the dot of the “i” This creates a very unique and compact logo design. (bulb, light, idea, flash, lightbulb, glowing, concept, bright, shine, electric, economy, innovation, power, electricity, supply, halogen, technology, equipment, creative, energy, creativity, electrical, fluorescent, efficient, invention, thinking, imagination, saving, inspiration, light-bulb, beam, glass, burst, solar, renewable, sky, sunlight, coach, coaching, success, life coaching, motivation coaching, business coaching)

Created: 12/07/2011