Turtle Shell Technology Company Logo For Sale

Innovative and unique technology turtle logo design. The entire turtle is designed with circuitboard lines that interconnect and seamlessly flow together to create the formation of this distinctive tortoise logo. The lines and circles that make up the design represent circuit computing connections and high-technology devices. (circuit, circuitboard, board, data, pattern, code, motherboard, network, line, complexity, chip, wire, electricity, abstract, web, graphic, processor, space, internet, frame, design, art, wallpaper, engineering, cyberspace, binary, dots, card, technology, development, computer, equipment, creativity, connection, electrical, science, connect, industry, software, construction, digitally, communication, microchip, hub, tech, system, internet, electricity, engineering, network, design, information, line, chip, connect, processor, abstract, internal, information technology, hardware, concept, computer, modern, energy, trendy, conceptual, wildlife, animal, turtle, tortoise, reptile, blue, industrial, mechanical)

Created: 10/02/2015