World Books Logo Sold

Book, global world and lightbulb logo design combined together. The world is emerging from the center of the opened paged book with the book spine creating the impression of the bottom potion of the lightbulb with the world creating the upper portion of the lightbulb. (world, map, bulb, light, lightbulb, power, halogen, energy-saving, energy, invention, planet, illumination, electric, earth, innovation, concept, bright, electricity, idea, creative, electrical, fluorescent, efficient, global, light-bulb, globe, electronics, book, open, reading, reader, pages, novel, studying, literature, encyclopedia, atlas,dictionary, study, publication, e-book, learning, library, web, textbook, school, paper, university, publishing, education, information, college, teacher, tutor, charity, tutoring, students, global, earth, smart)

Created: 12/08/2015