Solutions Constructions Logo Sold

Unique construction logo design of a lightbulb that’s designed to look the frameworks and building structure of a home or house. (print, remodel, home, mansion, builder, blueprint, modern, sketch, Realestate, site, concept, graphic, technical, layout, profession, estate, measurement, designer, drawing, engineer, supervisor, real estate, equipment, architecture, house, architect, job, construction, drafting, occupation, project, industrial, industry, residential, office, structure, bulb, light, idea, lightbulb, lamp, invention, business, flat, symbol, bright, think, power, glowing, glow, electric, innovation, illuminated, concept, intelligence, electricity, intelligent, simple, equipment, creative, energy, electrical, fluorescent, efficient, solution, imagination, illumination, image, smart, dwelling, framework, built, building, wood, 3D, yellow, bold, masculine, modern, manly, residence, residential, handyman)

Created: 10/13/2016