Sleek and modern circular globe style logo design. The circular globe shape is created with four abstract stylized representations of an aviation plane aircraft. The outstretched wings of the planes …


Inner Ikigai Tree

Japanese ikigai tree logo design. The design of the ikigai tree canopy is created with four overlapping circles that create the different segments of the ikigai. A center eye is …

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Circle of Purpose

Japanese ikigai logo symbol design concept meaning “a reason for being”. The design is created with four overlapping circles that create different segments while also creating the impression four connecting …

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Deify Angel

Phenix winged angel logo design, featuring a beautiful winged woman. The wings of this female woman goddess are designed to look like a feathery phenix bird style wings that drape …

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Acquilina Eagle

Bold and strong golden winged eagle design with the eagle’s wing arching upward to create the impression of a golden sun with the feathers creating the sun rays. The deep …


Popsy Noodles

Vintage style female circus show woman logo design. This beautiful circus themed logo design features a woman dressed in her circus costume with a ruffled collar in a vintage floral …


Mermaid Oceanic

Beautiful illustrative mermaid woman logo design with the beautiful whimsical mermaid woman swimming with an ocean dolphin. The dolphin and the mermaid are designed in a curing shape to create …


Rosy Ice Cream

Vintage style ice cream company logo design featuring an elegantly designed ice cream cone with the scoop of ice cream designed to look like a beautiful vintage style rose flower …


Arctic Chill Fox

Calm and peaceful logo design of a curled up arctic fox. The fox is designed to create a circular round shape that creates a whirling and swirling design. The swirling …