Female Circus Clown Logo For Sale

Vintage style female circus show woman logo design. This beautiful circus themed logo design features a woman dressed in her circus costume with a ruffled collar in a vintage floral pattern. A cute little top-hat is resting on her head with her face decorated with dramatic costume makeup. The design is bold and modern with a very unique look. (artist, cabaret, character, circus, clown, comic, entertainer, entertainment, face, fashion, female, fun, illustration, jester, lady, people, performance, retro, show, vintage, women, floral, fashion, costume, top hat, makeup, ruffles, whimsical, modern, style, stylish, carnival, boutique, unique, distinctive, pattern, fabric, textile, girl, circular, crest, event, planner, event planner, flower, flowers)

Created: 11/07/2016