Mermaid and Dolphin Company Logo For Sale

Beautiful illustrative mermaid woman logo design with the beautiful whimsical mermaid woman swimming with an ocean dolphin. The dolphin and the mermaid are designed in a curing shape to create a circular compact design. The design is clean and modern with a bold and impactful look. (mermaid, tail, pose, swimming, mythology, underwater, female, wavy, illustration, figure, girl, design, naiad, marine, hair, elegance, sea, grace, fairy, fish, human, curve, cute, fantasy, women, young, flipper, person, beauty, sensuality, beautiful, tale, fin, water, aqua, figure, hair, spa, salon, airy, pastel, elegant, ariel, goddess, bubbles, ocean, oceanic, seaside, aquatic, marine, creature, beautiful, sophisticated, classy, swim, swimming, slim, thin, body, bath, bathing, relaxation, relax, flowing, magical, style, wavy, wave, waves, fairy tale, swimwear, circular, crest, oceanic, dolphin, marine, aquatic, mammal, friendship, aquarium, underwater, animal, wildlife, stylized, whimsical, playful, modern)

Created: 11/04/2016