Twinkle Moon and Tree

This design combines a tree and man on the moon character to create this unified circular logo. The tree curves to form one half of the circle with the moon …

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Cloud Shutter

Cloud shapes flow around to create a shutter design (design, cloud, internet, network, storage, connection, weather, upload, hosting, concept, photography, spine, circular, modern, shinny, blue, shutter, media, photographer, camera) Created: …


Fanciness Scroll Design

Fancy scrolling elements creates this unique and modern design. (jewelry, swirling, spiral, swirls, embellished, elegance, design, modern, decor, fancy, floral, whimsical, pattern, circular, art, royal, crown, queen, king, royalty, flourish, …


Vortex Fox Interactive

Bold, modern and stylish logo design of a stylized fox that swirls inward creating a vortex style design. (fox, tail, wolf, head, dog, mascot, foxy, coyote, face, design, wilderness, stylish, …

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Bold Blue Octopus

Bold, modern and abstract design of an octopus. (blue, octopus, sea, sea creature, ocean, bubble, monster, abstract, Tentacles, eye, water, seafood, aquatic, swimming, character, aquarium, underwater, invertebrate, shape, icon, squid, …


Unison Foundation

Bold, bright and modern logo design that consists of several abstract people figures that are connecting together to create a bursting star design. (healthcare, life coach, togetherness, sharing, wellness, figures, …


Beauteous Cosmetics

Prestigious, upscale and luxury design that transforms a beautiful woman figure into a blossoming butterfly. The design is contained within a circle. The entire design commands attention with this bold, …

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