Vintage Rose Ice Cream Parlour Logo For Sale

Vintage style ice cream company logo design featuring an elegantly designed ice cream cone with the scoop of ice cream designed to look like a beautiful vintage style rose flower with leaves. The logo is designed in a circular crest style to create a clean and compact design. (pattern, rose, floral, flower, bloom, red, pink, accent, watercolor, painting, decoration, spring, petal, leaf, botanical, summer, blossom, feminine, abstract, arrangement, ornamental, flora, stem, bouquet, growth, colorful, plant, beauty, romantic, elegance, art, valentine, vintage, beautiful, nature, pretty, organic, natural, ice, cream, cone, icecream, scoop, vanilla, white, ball, flavor, milk, wafer, strawberry, cold, delicious, dessert, sweet, snack, chocolate, refreshing, ice-cream, tasty, cool, creme, creamy, sundae, refreshment, waffle, food, pistachio, product, mixed, mix-in, creamery, parlour, mint, sophisticated, classy, feminine, elegant, authentic, traditional, taste, food, eat, crest, emblem, circular, watercolour)

Created: 10/13/2016