Deify Angel Logo Sold

Phenix winged angel logo design, featuring a beautiful winged woman. The wings of this female woman goddess are designed to look like a feathery phenix bird style wings that drape around the woman’s body. The lady angel is wearing a simple crown to represent royalty and prestigiousness. (fashion, fashionable, clothing, vogue, glitter, glamor, boutique, people, mannequin, posing, contour, dress, collection, elegance, romance, females, pretty, sexy, wings, model, podium, luxury, modern, lady, women, beauty, figurine, high-fashion, angel, flying, religion, classical, goddess, mythology, muse, mythological, golden, aura, orb, trophy, statue, salon, spa, arch angel, guardian angel, messenger, spirit, divine, spiritual, supernatural, calligraphy, gold, metallic, classy, luxury, god, pamper, figure, butterfly, circular, lady, female, pretty, beautiful, majestic, gold, golden, statue, women, elegant, elegance, royal, modern, holistic, bird, phenix phenix)

Created: 01/12/2017