Northwoods Dental

Natural Modern dental themed logo design that combines a beautiful nesting bird on one side and a leafy garden of greenery and flowers on the other side. The two imageries …

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Catori Beauty

Unique spiritual native goddess woman designed to flow into her surrounding landscape scenery, which features evergreen trees, a mountain range and a flowing river stream. The design represents the spiritual …

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Artemis Beauty.

Bold, unique and distinctive goddess woman logo design featuring a mythical eye-catching goddess face with her hair blend outward to merge with the night sky background. The goddess woman is …


Kundalini Spiritual Energy

Unique, bold and soulful bird logo design that distinctively incorporates human figures into the spiral feathers of the bird. The design and imagery represents a divine spiritual energy of a …

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Timberwoods Natural Yoga

Unique, modern and distinctive yoga meditation inspired logo design. This yoga themed logo features a beautiful woman meditating in a sitting yoga position with her hands in an upward position. …

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Ananda Yoga

Soft, peaceful and tranquil winged angel woman posing in a relaxing yoga and meditation pose. The design is clean with simple shapes used to create the impression of this tranquil …


Autumn Ridge

Natural organic dental logo design. Overlapping leaves create the outline of a tooth shape. A tree emerges from the centre of the tooth that’s transformed into a tooth brush.  Natural leaves …


Cascade Beauty

Simple elegant woman logo design featuring a beautiful side profile view a woman’s face. Draping around and cascading down the woman’s face is her hair which is designed to represent …


Essence of Life Yoga

Vibrant, bold and holistic themed yoga studio fitness logo design that creatively combines the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The four natural elements are designed around a …