Beautiful Woman Waterfall Cascade Spa Logo For Sale

Simple elegant woman logo design featuring a beautiful side profile view a woman’s face. Draping around and cascading down the woman’s face is her hair which is designed to represent a cascading waterfall. (girl, face, makeup, spa, head, hair, glamour, person, stylish, profile, concept, shampoo, cosmetic, female, fashion, portrait, elegant, modern, creative, lips, care, design, woman, trendy, long, beauty, salon, elegance, art, style, sensuality, haircut, beautiful, hairdresser, silhouette, hairstyle, cosmetology, sophisticated, luxury, pamper, wave, ocean, pattern, beach, sea, water, river, line, decor, wavy, blue, nature, fountain, drop, stylized, calm, business, relax, washing, simplified, health, natural, serenity, concept, clean, waterfall, care, purity, relaxation, goddess)

Created: 08/16/2016