Artemis Beauty Goddess Woman Logo For Sale

Bold, unique and distinctive goddess woman logo design featuring a mythical eye-catching goddess face with her hair blend outward to merge with the night sky background. The goddess woman is also wearing a royal crown on her head and a crescent moon marking on her forehead. This goddess represents a greek goddess Artemis – representing the moon and the natural environment. (Aphrodite, woman, women, god, goddess, sexy, mystic, greek, fantasy, water, ancient, beauty, beautiful, female, form, girl, lady, gorgeous, graceful, legend, myth, ocean, overcast, sea, sky, wind, Venus, night, midnight, dark, evening, moon, crescent, aura, crown, blue, royal, hierarchy, circle, crest, emblem, Athens, face, portrait, sleep, calm, enchanting, spa, salon)

Created: 11/06/2017