Timberwoods Natural Yoga Logo Sold

Unique, modern and distinctive yoga meditation inspired logo design. This yoga themed logo features a beautiful woman meditating in a sitting yoga position with her hands in an upward position. The yoga woman’s body is designed to look like a natural growing tree with her upper body and arms representing the tree canopy and branches. The woman’s lower body represents the bottom of the tree trunk and roots. This unique and memorable yoga logo will make your business standout from the crowd, with it’s unique and intriguing imagery and design. (yoga, pose, woman, silhouette, nature, natural, tree, wellness, people, exercise, zen, beauty, bloom, body, buddhism, concentration, creative, design, ecology, fresh, girl, harmony, healthy, wellbeing, relax, leaf, human, massage, meditate, plant, relax, relaxation, spa, retreat, spiritual, tranquil, tranquility, branches, trunk, roots, holistic, calm, workout, lifestyle, meditative, peace, artistic, soft, woods, forest, vines, elegant, modern, sophisticated, luxury, pampering, transformation, transform)

Created: 06/09/2017