Natural Five Elements Yoga Wellness Studio Logo For Sale

Vibrant, bold and holistic themed yoga studio fitness logo design that creatively combines the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. The four natural elements are designed around a stylized yoga posing woman figure in the center of the logo design. A beautiful floral blossom design surrounds the design to represent a mandala. (yoga, pose, warrior, sport, posture, meditating, dance, people, illustration, silhouette, exercise, culture, serene, women, position, tree, asian, relaxation, spa, outdoors, health, calm, sunset, water, peace, wellness,fit, yoga poses, spirit, female, paradise, energy, yoga class, body, relax, harmony, sea, exercise, natural, tai-chi, sunrise, fitness, spirituality, mind, zen, position, pilates, breathing, sky, beautiful, meditation, mental, happy, mandala, flower, henna, mystical, motif, indian, decoration, oriental, floral, turkish, elements, sun, round, decorative, frame, pakistan, texture, abstraction, motive, islam, spring, ornament, chinese, ethnic, arabic, asian, fire, wind, holistic, retreat)

Created: 08/04/2016