Kundalini Spiritual Energy Logo Sold

Unique, bold and soulful bird logo design that distinctively incorporates human figures into the spiral feathers of the bird. The design and imagery represents a divine spiritual energy of a person’s individual self that transforms into the supreme self. (blossom, yoga, stylized, oriental, floral, petal, calmness, spiritual, element, bloom, fitness, balance, contour, abstract, relax, beauty, religion, health, nature, meditation, asian, china, hummingbird, birds, bird, dove, people, figures, person, powerful, natural, care, organic, beauty, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, pretty, luxury, church, religious, worship, belief, empower, empowering, phenix, eagle, seashell, spiral, feathers, transformation, metaphor, metaphoric, divine, energy, bold, vibrant, calm, transform, inner self, inner begin, holistic, meditate, chakra, astral, body, healing, ornate, realization, sacral, zen, symbolic)

Created: 06/21/2017