Catori Beauty Logo Sold

Unique spiritual native goddess woman designed to flow into her surrounding landscape scenery, which features evergreen trees, a mountain range and a flowing river stream. The design represents the spiritual and natural connection of people with nature and the environment. The design also represents the spiritual goddess of nature. (Aphrodite, woman, women, god, goddess, sexy, mystic, fantasy, water, ancient, beauty, beautiful, female, form, girl, lady, gorgeous, graceful, legend, myth, sky, wind, Venus, night, midnight, dark, evening, moon, crescent, aura, royal, hierarchy, circle, crest, emblem, face, portrait, sleep, calm, enchanting, spa, salon, native, Indian, spiritual, mother nature, mountain, peak, summit, range, outdoor, wilderness, feather, leaves, hair, water, river, tribal, ritual, woods, conceptual, unique, modern, illustrative, illustration, face, lips, warrior)

Created: 11/10/2017