Superstar Hero

Bold and unique superhero logo design featuring the head of a superhero wearing a bright yellow mask with stars for the eye openings. A stylish hairstyle with a little hair …

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Lion Breeze Landscaping

Elegant and sophisticated lion face logo design featuring the front view of a lion’s face and mane. The Lion’s mane is blowing in the breeze with Stylized leaves flowing and …

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Flora Yoga & Juice Bar

Bright, vibrant and bold yoga studio and juice bar logo design featuring a stylized woman silhouette in a yoga warrior pose. Colorful, bold abstract fruits and leaves are designed behind …

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The Tree of Life Goddess

Elegant, modern and sophisticated tree logo design. This design is inspired by the habbalistic tree of life by the Jewish mythical traditions called the “kabbalah”. We’ve created a unique, natural …

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Bold and masculine cougar animal face logo design. The design of the cougar’s face is designed in an abstract stylized style with horizontal linear lines creating the impression the cougar’s …

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Volt Charge Rhino

High energy, bold and masculine rhinoceros logo. A stylized representation of the rhinoceros has been rendered to create a unique and distinctive look with the rhinos horn designed to look …

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Noble Hops

Unique, striking and distinctive lion face logo design with the lion’s mane designed to look like hops humulus lupulus seeds. This beer themed lion crest style logo design will set …

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Zeus Beauty

Stylized, strong and bold design silhouette of a beautiful archer woman. The woman’s bow is transformed to look like a powerful volt of lightning, which represent strength and power. The …

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Forge Fit Cross Training

Bold, clean and abstract logo design thats created with geometrical shapes that are merged together to create this shield-like logo design with three connecting pointing arrows that point to the …

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