Zeus Beauty Goddess Logo For Sale

Stylized, strong and bold design silhouette of a beautiful archer woman. The woman’s bow is transformed to look like a powerful volt of lightning, which represent strength and power. The design conveys a powerful and dominant mythical woman figure as she stands tall and around. (woman, girl, face, hair, form, pose, people, person, design, body, skin, artistic, style, silhouette, pinup, pretty, sexy, model, cosmetic, fashion, shape, look, beauty, nude, stylish, cosmetics, curves, curvaceous, slender, diet, fit, spa, pose, female, feminine, figure, girl, body, elegance, silhouette, pretty, attractive, torso, lady, young, sensuality, beautiful, perfect, plastic surgery, salon, aesthetics, strength, power, energy, volt, lightning, electricity, surge, arrow, bow and arrow, zeus, mythical, goddess, fantasy, myth, mythology, greek, god, hera)

Created: 10/05/2016