The Tree Of Life Logo Sold

Elegant, modern and sophisticated tree logo design. This design is inspired by the habbalistic tree of life by the Jewish mythical traditions called the “kabbalah”. We’ve created a unique, natural and holistic style logo design featuring a superimposed woman’s figure designed within the tree of life, so that she becomes one with the tree and rooted in the earth. Our woman goddess tree of life logo design evokes a spiritual and symbolic meaning of posture energy, good health and a bright future. Circular marks systematically placed on the tree of life to embody the message of the tree of life. The circles can be removed from the tree to suit your design preference. (tree, life, floral, decorative, branches, leaves, nature, roots, willow, arms, outreached, holistic, wellness, spa, retreat, balance, davinci woman, Vitruvian woman, superimposed position, figure, nutritionist, physique, young, beauty, figure, mother nature, fresh, positive, energy, good health, immortal, strength, faith, religion, powerful, transformation, inner beauty, immortality, eve, botanical, summer, flourishing, well-being, rooted, divine, tranquil, tranquility, outreached, serenity, yoga, fitness, healthcare, medical acupuncture, goddess, divinity, leaves, leaves, growth, flourish, garden, spiritual, spirituality,, meditate, meditation, lady, female, girl, person, pilates pose, stretching, trainer, exercise, life coach, attractive, body, asana, posture)

Created: 03/19/2018