Noble Hops Beer Lion Crest Logo For Sale

Unique, striking and distinctive lion face logo design with the lion’s mane designed to look like hops humulus lupulus seeds. This beer themed lion crest style logo design will set your business apart from your competition with it’s bold, creative and eye-catching design. (Africa, African, animal, beast, carnivore, cat, courage, design, emblem, crest, face, feline, gold, head, king, leo, lion, luxury, mammal, mane, mascot, nature, predator, pride, roaring, safari, strength, wild, wildlife, zodiac, zoo, illustration, creative, unique, modern, bold, masculine, hop, beer, malt, flower, leaf, golden, organic, seed, agriculture, alcohol, beverage, branch, brew, brewery, brewing, bud, cone, crop, garden, fresh, green, grow, harvest, herb, noble, jungle, restaurant, bar, pub)

Created: 05/09/2017