Yoga Studio Fitness Wellness & Juice Bar Logo For Sale

Bright, vibrant and bold yoga studio and juice bar logo design featuring a stylized woman silhouette in a yoga warrior pose. Colorful, bold abstract fruits and leaves are designed behind the yoga woman. The design represents healthy living, fitness, yoga and vegan lifestyle and juicing. (vitality, yoga, active, lifestyle, exercise, fitness, body, female, fit, flexibility, health, meditation, person, figure, silhouette, meditation, spiritual, strength, spirituality, physical, posture, relax, relaxation, slim, tranquility, warrior, weight loss, wellbeing, wellness, woman, women, workout, zen, asana, relax, gymnastics, gym, yoga studio, pilates, stretch, training, stylish, juice bar, juices, fruit, smoothie, fresh, detox, organic, beverage, veggie, berry, pomegranate, ingredients, nutritionist, raw, refreshment, vitamin, cold press juice, bold, modern, colourful)

Created: 07/10/2019