Volt Charge Power Rhinoceros Logo For Sale

High energy, bold and masculine rhinoceros logo. A stylized representation of the rhinoceros has been rendered to create a unique and distinctive look with the rhinos horn designed to look like a lightning volt charge along with the incorporation of a lightning volt beneath the rhinoceros to add movement and to create a unique dynamic appearance. (rhino, rhinoceros, horn, illustration, silhouette, African, Africa, animal, big, creative, design, graphic, mammal, mascot, modern, active, power, powerful, safari, standing, strength, strong, stylization, symbolic, wild, wilderness, wildlife, zoo, electric, bolt, thunder, lightning, flash, electricity, fast, current, recharge, discharge, amps, charge, electronic, energetic, energy, light, power, powerful, storm, style, thunderstorm, voltage, volts)

Created: 09/06/2017