Aztec Technologies

Technology logo design inspired by the aztec civilization and their culture. An intricate circular medallion created with connecting technology lines representing data transfer and information processing. Within the center of …

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Caring Hands

A pair of gentle nurturing hands create the wings of a dove. The dove is created with simple clean lines to create a soft and peaceful appearance. The bird is …

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Prism Beauty

Winged Woman figure designed within a prism triangular shape in a sophisticated and elegant style. A flowing ribbon curves around the woman’s body. The entire design commands attention with this …



Unique logo design that distinctly represents the great Torii, a symbol of Miyajima. The great Torii structure is created with two symbolical balanced Japanese figures representing the boundary between the …


Divine Angel

Winged Woman figure designed in a sophisticated and elegant style. The woman’s figure is adorned with unique and distinctive angel wings, which is the highlight of this logo design. The …

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First Root Kids Therapy

Child figure with their arms reaching upward, which represents a growing tree. The legs of the figures represent strong roots reaching into the earth for stability. The figure is embodied …

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Gabriel Beauty

Beautiful stylized and elegant angel woman figure. (angel, wing, women, arm, people, female, hair, elegance, style, silhouette, fairy, simplicity, profile, spirituality, fantasy, beauty, spa, religion, church, religious, gabriel, mystical, goddess, …


Snake Heart

Beautiful stylized snake in the shape of an “S”. A heart shape is incorporated into the snake’s head to represent the name snake heart. (caduceus, medical, symbol, heart, apothecary, snake, …


Guidance Church

Stained glass church window with the stained glass artwork within the windowed depicting a pathway that leads directly to a large cross in the center of the window. (cross, jesus, …