Divine Salon Logo Sold

Winged Woman figure designed in a sophisticated and elegant style. The woman’s figure is adorned with unique and distinctive angel wings, which is the highlight of this logo design. The arms of the woman are in an upward position reaching to the sky with a golden ball/orb held in her hands. The entire design commands attention with this bold, dynamic and unique mythical female figure. (fashion, fashionable, clothing, vogue, glitter, glamor, boutique, people, mannequin, posing, contour, dress, collection, elegance, art, romance, females, pretty, sexy, wings, model, podium, luxury, modern, lady, women, beauty, figurine, high-fashion, angel, flying, religion, classical, goddess, mythology, muse, mythological, golden, aura, orb, trophy, statue, salon, spa, arch angel, guardian angel, messenger, spirit, divine, spiritual, supernatural, calligraphy, gold, metallic, classy, luxury, god, pamper, empower, empowering)

Created: 12/04/2015