Snake Heart Company Logo For Sale

Beautiful stylized snake in the shape of an “S”. A heart shape is incorporated into the snake’s head to represent the name snake heart. (caduceus, medical, symbol, heart, apothecary, snake, aesculapius, healing, power, magic, god, serpent, s, spiritual, hermes, greek, herald’s wand, medicine, awakening, spirituality, religious, magical, energy, herald, ayurveda, spiral, mantra, relax, hermetic, religion, esoteric, harmony, silhouette, health, mercury, meditation, pharmacy, gold, golden, regal, modern, snakeheart, animal, serpent, abstract, monochrome, tattoo, contour, swirl, wild, nature, reptile, coil, cobra, anaconda, amazon, luxury, sophisticated, classy, elegant, law, legal, financial, corporate, business, letter, monogram, typography, typographic, type, character, slither, creature, love)

Created: 10/19/2015