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Child figure with their arms reaching upward, which represents a growing tree. The legs of the figures represent strong roots reaching into the earth for stability. The figure is embodied by three other figures displayed behind the main figure as a play on the vitruvian man. The seven chakra circles are placed within the middle of the child-life figure. Flouring and growing leaves in bright bold colors create the top of the growing tree. (human, reiki, indian, aura, god, mandala, flower, life, symbol,spiritual, lotus, fitness, people, dance, balance, medicine, religious, figure, energy, zen, yoga, healthy, chakra, seven, care, body, mantra, relax, person, harmony, buddha, yogi, silhouette, health, meditation, relaxation, vitruvian, therapy, holistic, child, kid, youth, tree, earth, water, roots, rooted, upbeat, uplifting, soul, bright, caring, growth, growing, nature, nurturing, leaf, leaves, de vinci, vinci, empower, empowering)

Created: 12/01/2015