Caring Hands Logo Sold

A pair of gentle nurturing hands create the wings of a dove. The dove is created with simple clean lines to create a soft and peaceful appearance. The bird is resting on a single twig with the dove and hand combination representing care, devolution, purity and peace. (dove, pigeon, love, sign, branch, bird, world, allegory, fly, vibrant, peace, leaf, symbolism, holiday, symbol, feather, contemporary, celebration, spiritual, freedom, traditional, goodwill, faith, heaven, wing, hope, care, tradition, plant, beauty, sky, scene, silhouette, nature, peaceful, tranquil, simplicity, flight, eve, purity, hand, hands, giver, give, charity, foundation, not for profit, heart, birdie, faith, hope, spring, view, peaceful, soar, religious, high, free, holy, religion, religious, beautiful, branch, nature, flight, soaring, animal, graceful, church, god, angel, donation, airy, pastel, soft, empower, empowering)

Created: 12/17/2015