The Great Torii Company Logo For Sale

Unique logo design that distinctly represents the great Torii, a symbol of Miyajima. The great Torii structure is created with two symbolical balanced Japanese figures representing the boundary between the spirit and the human worlds. Placed in middle is a yin yang medallion symbol. The logo is bold, symbolic and distinctively unique. (torii, gate, hiroshima, outdoor, miyajima, itsukushima, island, destination, park, travel, view, red, nippon, landmark, buddhist, old, traditional, buddhism, asia, submerged, religious, historic, icon, world, heritage, famous, sacred, temple, sight, holy, tourism, religion, ancient, sea, water, japanese, japan, asian, shrine, ocean, people, figures, gods, god, spiritual, meditate, medication, scenery, tuary, yin yang, monks, balanced, structure, sculpture, mythology, statue, spirits, wellness, health, holistic, heal, healing, powerful, being, bridge, column, pedestal, structure, gate, solemn, temple, landmark, holy, sanctuary, sacred, haven, heritage, unity, united, bond, empower, empowering)

Created: 12/08/2015