Raccoon Canadian Maple Leaf Company Logo For Sale

Unique raccoon face creatively combined with a Canadian maple leaf to create the impression of a cute raccoon’s face. (racoon, raccoon, face, style, minimal, head, coon, portrait, trend, modern, creative, design, trendy, mask, zoo, pet, animal, bold, critter, mascot, cute, character, wildlife, black, friendly, adorable, young, wild, mammal, cub, red, leaves, canada, red, canadian, fall, season, red leaf, foliage, autumn, leaf, canadian maple leaf, Canada leaf, maple, fall leaf, fall, season, conservation, sanctuary, environmental, north american, federation, national, habitat, habitation, foundation, not for profit, museums, nature, outdoors, valley, mountains, peak, summit, landscape)

Created: 02/29/2016