Dino World Learning Business Logo For Sale

Fun and imaginative logo design of a cute and friendly dinosaur with a young child sitting on the dinosaur’s back with the child’s hands reaching upward to signify joy and excitement. The dino and the child are standing on a hill, which is designed to look like a world globe. This design represents imagination and creativity. (dinosaur, cartoon, dino, brontosaurus, cute, extinct, park, archeology, funny, enormous, jurassic, prehistoric, wild, large, raptor, carboniferous, tail, creature, monster, huge, cretaceous, big, reptile, animal, boy, child, kid, youth, young, learning, education, discover, teaching, teacher, global, world, globe, earth, wonder, imagination, best friend, excitement, joy, creative, school, environment, tutor, tutoring, travel, pal, daycare, preschool, study, person, figure, colorful, bright, friendly, happy, uplifted, uplift, not for profit, foundation, organization)

Created: 12/10/2015