Growing Families Logo Sold

Family and home logo design concept featuring four family members with two parents and two children. The parent figure’s arms are joined together with a house created between them within the white space. The two children figure’s hands are holding their parents hands, representing unity, togetherness, and support. Natural simple leaf elements are added to the design to represent growth. (home, child, social, protection, protect, socialize, united, live, network, buy, business, concept, property, estate, insurance, realtor, people, security, real estate, love, family, sale, place, frame, rent, safety, architecture, help, helping, together, togetherness, house, friendly, investment, silhouette, build, single, happy, joy, accomplishment, adopt, adoption, social worker, group home, parents, parenting, youth, door, roof, window, dwelling, residential, residence, community, cottage, countryside, families)

Created: 12/04/2015