Mobile Go Apps

Modern, clean, geometrically designed smartphone mobile apps technology logo, incorporating the idea/concept of mobile apps tucked into a pocket. (app, apps, phone, icon, cell, social, media, tablet, download, data, web, …


Neuro Tree

Abstract representation of the brain neuron system, representing Dendrites that are combined together to create a tree style logo design. (neutron, cell, brain, human, medical, nucleus, bio, head, biological, biology, …

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Pure Scope

Clean and modern medical themed logo design featuring a simple line drawn woman figure with a DNA double helix design that wraps around the female figure and conturing her body. …


Cerebral Center

Abstract, mosaic kaleidoscope pattern containing five overlapping circles, which are created with various abstract shapes that create this bold and vibrant logo. The shapes create the impression of five abstract …

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Dendrite Research

Unique, sleek and modern dendrite brain stem tree logo design. The tree and branches are designed to look like a dendrite with branching figures and nerve endings that create the …

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Yeti Technology

Fun yeti character logo design that creatively combines a smart tablet with apps in the white space of the snow apes body. The yeti character is designed in a unique …

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Apollo Apps

Logo design with an outer space theme that creatively combines an astronaut’s helmet and a tablet or mobile device with apps to form this distinctive logo design. The window of …


App Flow Technology

Modern, organic shaped, uniquely designed smart tablet logo, incorporating the idea/concept of tablet apps in motion. This tablet logo design is created with a warping effect that represents data transfer …


My Gene Weight Lose

Unique logo that combines a stylized human figure, tree and DNA double helix together to form this original and unique logo design. The the curving human figure is created to …